Managing Technology

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and the Internet

Today’s world is hardly imaginable without internet. Thus, using its resources efficiently is absolutely crucial to run a successful business. In this course participants will learn all they need to know in order to start navigating through the world of digital marketing. Among the areas that will be treated are topics such as content marketing, influencer marketing, social media and mobile marketing.

Who should attend? Given the introductory character of the course, it is apt for all business people who want to understand and use digital environment for their business.

Optimizing Use of the Media

Our present-day world has often been described as an information society. And while information always was a key resource for business success, its importance has been increasing recently. In a sense, today every company is a media company, which means that everybody needs to understand how to use media that are their hand and optimize their impact in order to increase their business success.

Who should attend? This course is recommended to Marketing and Sales managers.

Redefining Communications in the Social Media World

Until recently, the corporate world was strongly defined by top-down one-directional communications both inside and outside the companies. The advent of the internet began to change this long-established structure. The rise of social media brought this change even further. Thus, it is absolutely necessary that companies understand how the social media world works. This course will provide participants with the necessary tools for this challenge.

Who should attend? This course is particularly recommended to HR, Marketing and Sales managers who want to improve their results by integrating social media in their relationships with coworkers and customers.

Managing Disruptive Innovation

Innovation is one of the driving forces of a successful business. While this might sound like a truism, in the age of Google, Uber, and Airbnb nobody should underestimate its validity. Recently, disruptive innovation has become pervasive. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that companies learn how to deal with this competitive business environment of creative destruction. In this course you will acquire the necessary tools in order to do so.

Who should attend?  Senior managers are the primary target of this course.

Media Production and Copywriting

In this course participants will learn how to create webinars, edit online videos, write website copies and other similar skills that are absolutely necessary for any company or business person who wants to succeed in today’s digital marketplace.

Who should attend?  Marketing and sales managers are the main target of this course.