Global Environment

Political and Social and Trends Impacting Your Business

Success in business frequently depends on companies’ ability to interpret correctly their political and social environment. Identifying and getting around socio-political barriers is an ongoing process which requires a proven methodology. This course will help participants to develop a solid understanding of current socio-political trends that impact the global market and influence their business.

Who should attend? All managers working in the Strategy, Business Development, Marketing as well as Procurement Departments.

Today’s Global Business Environment: International Relations, Geopolitics, and Your Company

In today’s world, companies are directly affected by international political events such as formation of trade blocs, economic sanctions against certain countries, and competition for access to scarce resources like oil, gas, and rare earths. This course will help to understand the mechanisms of international politics and to learn how to predict trends that affect your company.*

Who should attend? All top managers as well as managers working in the Strategy Department.

* Since this topic is very vast, courses shall be tailored to companies’ needs (e.g. focus on the EU-US relationships, focus on the Middle East, geopolitics of petrol and gas, focus on Russia and the CIS…)

How Major Economic Trends Influence Your Business

The overall economic context frequently conditions the decision making in companies. Some of the forces at work are quite self-evident. However, there are also many completely unexpected factors that influence your business. Those who understand the general framework will be able to anticipate future developments in a much more reliable way. This course will analyse most important macro-economic factors and show you how to detect key dimensions that will determine your business success.

Who should attend? This course is particularly recommended to senior managers from Strategy and Marketing Departments.

Long-Term Economics: Prepare Your Business for The Future

In today’s business world quick decisions are required more than ever. And while it is true that corporate success depends on the capacity of acting swiftly, short-term thinking might prove very harmful for the future of your company. This course will show you the importance of long-term thinking in order to create sustainable businesses that will be successful in the ever-changing global environment.

Who should attend? This course is recommended to senior managers who want to develop a better capacity for long-term planning.