Cross-Cultural Management

Doing Business in the EU

The European currently consists of 27 countries with 27 national legislations with European directives on top of that. Furthermore, Europe is also split in terms of history, religion and culture. Thus, the European continent represents a very complex political entity that is difficult to understand both for locals and non-Europeans. In this course, we will address these issues systematically and offer a methodology for doing business successfully in the EU.

Who should attend? All managers working in the Strategy, Sales and Marketing as well as Legal Departments

Doing Business in Russia and the CIS

For many people, Russia and its neighbours in central Asia such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Tajikistan are enigmatic places which they hardly understand. Nonetheless, these countries offer unique business opportunities. In this course, we will analyse the substantial hurdles to doing business there, as well as the ways to remove them. The course will also cover relevant political, social, economic and cultural aspects.

Who should attend? All managers working in the Strategy, Sales and Marketing as well as Procurement department

Cross-Cultural Communication

In a globalised world companies must understand foreign cultures in order to satisfy their clients’ needs, effectively manage suppliers and subsidiaries, and be successful in international mergers. In this course, you will learn how to deal with business people from different geographic and cultural areas. The exact content of each course will concentrate on a specific country, such as France, Germany, Russia, or China.

Who should attend? All managers involved in duties on an international level.

International Negotiations

This topic combines two different approaches, namely cultural awareness and negotiation techniques. It results from the experience that even good negotiators often fall into the trap of cultural blindness and are unable to sign a satisfactory contract. In addition, this course also offers a simulation that allows participants to practice their negotiation skills in international contexts.

Who should attend? All managers who need to negotiate internationally for their company, especially those from Sales & Marketing, Procurement and the Legal Department.

Country-Specific Focus Training

This course will focus expressly on the specifics of dealing with clients and business partners from several European countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Untied Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Russia, as well as Eastern Asian countries, such as China and Japan. The main goal is to show you how to act successfully in a culturally different business context, to avoid no-goes and anticipate your counterpart’s likely reactions.

Who should attend? All managers who deal regularly with clients and business partners from foreign cultural environments.