The Importance of Being Cross-Cultural

When it comes to business growth, mergers and acquisitions have always been a hot topic. Originally focused on national markets, they have become increasingly international. This means that lately cross-cultural skills have become crucial for the success of billion-dollar deals. As such a merger is a very complicated operation that involves unification of assets, finances… Read More

Hedgehog or fox – what kind of businessperson are you actually?

In his well-known essay, published in 1953, the British scholar Isaiah Berlin was talking about different types of mindsets you can find among writers and thinkers. Some of them, the so-called “hedgehogs,” are good at one thing and almost ignore all the rest. The second group, the so-called “foxes,” are much more versatile, but might… Read More

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

We live in a fascinating time. The world is changing at an incredible pace. Business, technology, international relations – everything seems to be in a state of transition. Thus, continuous transformation becomes paramount for companies and individuals that work in them. Advanced training offers probably the best opportunity to increase your understanding of what is… Read More