About Us

International Trainings offers in-house training for manager development. Our goal is to make your employees ready for challenges in the ever-changing business environment. In addition to a core team of experienced trainers, we also draw on external experts from various fields of knowledge.

Bertil Huger

With Masters degrees from top European universities (ESADE and ENA), Bertil has acquired rich business experience as an international manager spanning 20 years in ten countries, in particular at Airbus, a leading aerospace company. He is accomplished in Business Strategy, Marketing and Sales, as well as Procurement and Supply Chain Management. His personal expertise also includes Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship, International Negotiations and Cross-Cultural Management. Bertil is a former naval officer as well as an International Relations analyst at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He speaks and writes six languages fluently and currently teaches in several international business schools in Barcelona.

Gennadi Kneper

Gennadi is a highly experienced teacher/trainer with special expertise in Social Media and Online Communications, Transnational Economics and Politics, as well as the Analysis of Short- and Long-term Socio-Economic Change. He holds a BA in Communications and a PhD in History, and has published academic articles on a wide range of topics connecting historical trends with current global business developments and opportunities. For the last five years Gennadi has served as a visiting professor at Barcelona’s Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and Universitat Autònoma. In addition, he directs digital marketing for a leading holiday-rentals company in Barcelona. Gennadi speaks and writes five languages fluently.