Hedgehog or fox – what kind of businessperson are you actually?

hegehog_foxIn his well-known essay, published in 1953, the British scholar Isaiah Berlin was talking about different types of mindsets you can find among writers and thinkers. Some of them, the so-called “hedgehogs,” are good at one thing and almost ignore all the rest. The second group, the so-called “foxes,” are much more versatile, but might lack a certain focus.

Of course, such a division can also be found in many other areas of life. The contrast between specialists and generalists is not just imaginary. Actually, it can be crucial for the success of a company. And while being a specialist in at least one field of knowledge is oftentimes indispensable, it is hard to deny that a successful business also needs people with a broad scope of knowledge in order to understand the overall context.

The problem is, of course, that established systems of higher education frequently do not offer enough preparation for understanding the complexity of the current business environment. On the other hand, one might also argue that there are many people in manager positions who lack the deep knowledge of the field they are responsible for.

So what’s the solution? The first step is recognizing whether you are a hedgehog or a fox. Neither of it is good or bad – it just shows you who you are and where you need to improve. Once you’ve done that, the second step would consist in deciding about the things you want to change first. Finally, you need to find someone who shows you the shortest way to achieve your goal. International Trainings might be the right place to find the answer. Just have a look at our courses and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions.

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